The Fabric


I created DragynSkyn after 10 years in law enforcement and wearing heavy body armor under my uniform. I would sweat in temperatures up to 110 degrees in the summer in one of the hottest places to live and work on the west coast. After years of looking for something that I could wear underneath my bullet proof vest that prevented soak through of the kevlar and the unbearable odor that came with the bacteria production, I decided to create something that would resolve this problem for those that had to wear body armor to protect themselves to serve their community.

I realized that a moisture wicking fabric doesn't work for my industry. I discovered when sweat is "wicked" to the surface of the fabric, it has no where to go but to be absorbed by the kevlar. With no ventilation due to the body armor being compressed against the body, I believed in order to prevent this problem someone had to invent a new type of fabric technology ... so I did.

DragynSkyn's sweat protection formula makes it the perfect shirt for any scenario. Most AVERAGE compression shirts soak with sweat and the sweat has no where to go if covered by thick body armor or heavy sport attire. Throw away your AVERAGE compression shirt and get the game changer that keeps you in the game!

Originally designed for those that wear body armor due to the extreme heat and sweat that can be produced while working in extreme conditions, I designed this one of a kind apparel to vaporize sweat through the fabric instead of "wicking."

I started by breaking down how this problem begins and how it needed to be resolved. Sweat is comprised of 98% water and the remaining chemicals and minerals. When sweat accumulates on the skin, natural occurring bacteria is activated and begins to break down creating the foul body odor that contaminates everything you wear. By engineering a fabric that stretches like compression material but allowing only water vapor to come through leaving the odor causing bacteria behind, I believed the issue would be resolved. I tested the fabric, manufacturing a compression shirt then wearing body armor over it during long shifts in the summer and year-round for 2 years. The result, a dryer, odor free bullet proof vest. The testing also revealed advantages not expected. Cooling is increased due to the "vaporizing" action of the fabric allowing airflow to cool the wearer down faster because the sweat is already in vapor form which is what the body needs to cool itself.

An amazing fabric and more amazing apparel brand that takes a step beyond what compression technology has been for sports. DragynSkyn has an opportunity to become a universal brand for people that want to be dryer regardless if its a hard workout at the gym or a high impact shift under body armor. DragynSkyn works as protection and a buffer between your sweat and whatever you wear. DragynSkyn can be worn from the office, to the gym and then directly to your off-duty activities without skipping a beat.

DragynSkyn. Sweat all you want, we have you covered!