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I created DragynSkyn after 10 years in law enforcement and wearing heavy body armor under my uniform. I would sweat in temperatures up to 110 degrees in the summer in one of the hottest places to live and work on the west coast. After years of looking for something that I could wear underneath my bullet proof vest that prevented soak through of the kevlar and the unbearable odor that came with the bacteria production, I decided to create something that would resolve this problem for those that had to wear body armor to protect themselves to serve their community.





Most popular brand “moisture wicking” fabric under shirts don’t work because they soak with  sweat when the “wicking” stops. Most shirts need to be exposed or have airflow to dry the sweat from the shirt during the activity. If used with body armor, fire turn outs or other heavy gear, there is no exposure to air flow to keep you dryer, and in turn cooler.

The wicking style fabrics create an insulating layer like water in a wet suit. Scuba divers and surfers help stay warmer in ocean water because of this insulating layer. Moisture wicking shirts do the same thing. The key solution is to use a fabric that will not soak with sweat during extreme activity and that solution is DRAGYNSKYN!

By vaporizing moisture through the microporous fabric, it not only keeps you dryer but also cooler. Dragynskyn manages sweat better than any other fabric on the market, GUARANTEED!

click for 5-Day Trial - Free Shipping
Dragynskyn shirt


Click for 5-Day Trial - Free Shipping


click for 5-Day Trial - Free Shipping


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Within the first hour or so the shirt molded and felt like a glove my body and has not ridden up above my duty belt, like I have encountered with other wick away brands. I immediately noticed that it kept me cooler within the first several hours of work

Derek (San Diego County Sheriff)

I'm a dog handler with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and I have been looking for something like your product for a long time

Brandon (Royal Canadian Mounted Police K9)

I really Like your shirts. They're the only ones I've found that helps to manage my sweat at work. I've worn your shirts everyday and they've helped immensely.

Brian (Firefighter)

I won't wear my body armor without DragynSkyn. It keeps the odor out of everything I wear over it.

Steve (Fresno Police, CA)

One of my favorite shirts to exercise in. Keeps me cool and comfortable. I highly recommend one of these shirts if you wear body armor

Robert, (USMC retired)

The material is futuristic. I like how it keeps me constantly cool, dry and comfy.

Robert, (Fresno Airport Police, CA)

These shirts are awsome and there is no better way to keep my vest fresh

Joe, (Elizabethtown Police, KY)

I saw the brand from a meme page ad and originally thought there’s no way this shirt could work like they say. I decided to give it a try, and from the first shift I used it I realized the game was changed. After my first week using the shirt, there’s not a single under shirt I’d ever wanna use again. Even after running around in the heat, I ended my tours dry and actually feeling comfortable.  I told my entire tour about them and we now have a group order on the way! Thank you for making this product!

Andrew (Amtrak Police, NY)

The shirt is extremely comfortable which is huge deal when working 12+ hour shifts. It does not rub or cause irritation and quickly wicks away moisture even in the Texas heat. 10/10 would recommend to anyone, especially first responders whether you work day shift or night shift it is an absolute game changer. It is very much worth the investment to stay cool comfortable and able to stay out on the street and not worried about staying in the AC. 

Rawley - Denton Police, Texas